Welcome to the official website for the Juniperus project. Since 2007, Jeffrey has been composing and recording original music using whatever instruments manageable. The project evolved along with interest in instrument collecting. As many years have passed, the collection still grows along with his efforts and developments in musicianship. Currently, Jeffrey writes music under the 'Juniperus' name and plays his adaptations in a five-piece chamber-folk band, 'Minor Matter'(the original project name).

To the left is a playlist of older music from 2007-2010. The list is descending in order of what Jeffrey finds to be the most curious from his own perspective. To the right is music from 2010 through to present time, hosted on SoundCloud. There you can find the most recent efforts including his latest project to turn Aesop's Fables into each their own song.

laughterIf you happen to be curious of Jeffrey's progress, you can find all the details on the Juniperus tumblr page(as below)
Info pages on each song including lyrics are available at the Juniperus SoundCloud page.
If looking for Minor Matter, please see the Official Minor Matter Facebook page or bandcamp page.

If you have any questions, comments(constructive ones are especially encouraged),
or would just like to say something along the lines of "hello, . . ."
please feel free to e-mail Jeffrey at: jeff@mm.pointsixnine.ca


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